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Businesses all over the world who either produce or know where to buy and where they can find good deals. They produce or buy goods and then ship to you.


Businesses who can buy whatever they want from any country around the world from wherever they are. They order goods on the platform and get them shipped to them.

This is what we do

Forgot to shop for that perfect dress to wear to your co-worker's wedding? Dying for a pair of those red heels your sister bought in Paris?Need a new iphone or used macbook from ebay ,something from Amazon, Need a traditional, elegant saari from India? Don't worry, we understand your struggle and are here to serve you. In this fast-paced society and our incredibly busy schedules, who has the time to shop? Well, to answer your question, we do! Whether you need to make a purchase halfway across the world or need a special something two blocks down the street, we got you covered! We are a rapidly growing company of a new generation of personal shoppers here to serve your consumer needs. We guarantee that our shoppers can provide you with exactly what you are looking for so you won’t have to make the trip. Rest assured that you will be satisfied with your purchase. Shopping without borders, keep calm and shop on! For more information read HOW it works

How it works


Buy anywhere. Get delivered anywhere.

Importer protection

Riovic Trade takes the importer's protection very seriously that is why we will hold your funds until your order has been placed and shipped .Once the importer receives the order, funds will be transferred to the respective exporter accordingly . If you are using assisted purchase option your funds will be held until the order is placed and shipped. Your satisfaction is our primary goal.For further information read our terms and conditions or FAQS or you can contact us with further questions.

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